BCOE Contacts

Below are the staff members that support the BCOE organizations.

Lupe Ruiz

Transfer Initiatives & Professional Development CoordinatorContact

Richard Bain

Administrative Assistant IIIContact

Jed Schwendiman

Director of DevelopmentContact

DuBron M. Rabb

Associate Director of DevelopmentContact

Elliot L. Emmer

Development CoordinatorContact

Maggie Souder

Safety & Facilities CoodinatorContact

Robert Lopez

Safety & Facilities AssistantContact


Funding proposals are due the fourth week of October. The College's Chief Financial Officer reviews all propoals and submits them to the Dean for final approval. Awards are announced the first week of November. Awards range in amount are are subject to approval guidelines.

Requests may be submitted for the following activites and/or events:

  • Guest speakers and development of connections with industry representatives and alumni
  • Projects
  • Participation in regional or national compeitions and conferences
  • Leadership and professional development training
  • Outreach activites for K-12

Funding is not permitted for

  • T-Shirts unless they are for events
  • General organization operating expenses
  • Refreshments for regular club meetings
  • Gifts and awards (unless with special approval granted by the Professional Development Coordinator)
  • Conference attendance for students with GPA's below 2.0, or non-engineering majors

These rooms are available to reserve for student org events.

  • WCH 202, WCH 203, WCH 205/206, Bourns A265, Bourns A171
    Contact the Professonal Development Officer
    Room availabilities can be found here
  • WCH 103
    Contact BCOE's Safety & Facilities Coodinator
  • Byte's Lobby and Patio
    Contact Byte's Supervisor Pam Trimble
  • Chung Patio
    Contact Richard Bain
  • WCH 110, 117, 118, 129, 132, 133, 135, 136
    Contact CS Systems
  • WCH 121, 125, 126, 128, 109
    Contact EE Systems
  • WCH 232, 233
    Contact Engineering Systems
  • WCH 127 (ACM Clubroom)
    Contact ACM@UCR
  • WCH 221 (Solarium)
    Contact IEEE
  • WCH 102 (LC Room)
    You can make a reservation here
  • Creat'R Lab
    You can make a reservation here
  • HUB Rooms
    You can make a reservation here

For other guides, please refer to the policies handbook.